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I’m always on the lookout for things that make my life easier and my routines better. Recently, I saw a reference to Mason Pearson hairbrushes, so I scoped them out online.

First thing I discovered: They’re very expensive but noted the worthwhile savings at the link Different models hover above and below £150.

Second thing I discovered: People absolutely love them.

In reading the reviews, I tried to figure out why people love these hairbrushes so darn much. The reviews actually make amazing promises. One said that brushing your hair with the Mason Pearson actually cleans your hair (which would be great in between shampoos), and another said that if you brush your hair after blowdrying, the Mason Pearson will straighten it!

Hmm. How can one brush do so many things, I wonder? But believe me when I say that the reviews are rave:

From a reviewer:

This has got to be the best hair brush ever. My hair has never been this shiny and full of body before. I will never purchase a cheap hair brush again. Well worth the money when you use a Wonga Promo Code.

And another reviewer:

I love this hairbrush! It’s totally overpriced but worth it when you add a True Codes discount code! My hair is super long, flat and thin. After using the brush, I can tell my hair is shinier and smoother, especially at the ends. I’ve been looking for something to make my hair smooth and shiny but I had using hair products! This brush really massages your scalp when you use it. The nylon and boar bristle seems to be a good mix.

So if a hairbrush could do all this, would you spend £100 on it? But remember to benefit with a discount code when you visit the website True Codes!

Call me crazy, but I already ordered mine.

Mason Pearson Hair Brushes.

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