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  • Everyday Elegance At Daxon

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    Daxon are delighted to bring you their Everyday Elegance range this week. Helping you look stylish and sophisticated day in, day out, this great range has everything from casual roll neck jumpers to day dresses and warm Winter jackets. Please note, you can still qualify for free delivery when you spend £40 or more on your order when shopping from the full priced Autumn-Winter 2014 collection by entering the code 8040 at the checkout. Whilst they have picked out some Everyday Elegance items for you below, the full range can be found by clicking here.


    Ladies Print T-Shirt

Print T-Shirt Ladies T-Shirt, a beautiful print! Round neckline. Double topstitching on the edge of the short sleeve cuffs and on the hem with side slits. Length 65 to 71 cm depending on size. 65% polyester knit. 

    Price £15.00

    Créaline® Ladies T-Shirt

Ladies T-Shirt Choose this Créaline® T-shirt for an elegant and chic look. You will look simply fabulous in this T-shirt. Créaline® T-shirt in 100% polyester knit with pretty pleats and a stunning lace effect. Stretchy taped edging at the round neckline. Long sleeves. 

    Price £25.00

    Parka with Removable Hood

    Parka with
Removable Hood Pointed collar. Hood removable with press-studs. Long sleeves with turnback cuffs. Zip fastening under press-stud placket. Longline seams at front and at back. Drawstring ties at waist. 2 patch pockets with press-studs at front. 

    Price £49.00

    Ladies Woollen Tweed Coat, Petite Length

Woollen Tweed Coat, Petite Length This petite length coat is wool-rich with sumptuous cashmere and comes with a matching woollen tweed fringed scarf, measuring 150 x 22cm. Wonderfully warm, its quality cloth is made from 70% wool, 20% polyamide and 10% cashmere. 

    Price £99.00

    Expert Design Ladies Cropped Trousers, Standard Length

Design Ladies Cropped Trousers, Standard Length Expert Design Ladies Cropped Trousers, with a fully-elasticated waistband for extra comfort. 2 rounded pockets. Permanent creases and finished hems for a smart look, hem width 15 3/4 in. approx. (40cm). Easy-care fabric, 100% polyester. Standard length fitting, inside leg 20 in. approx. (51cm). 

    Price £19.00

    Flowing Jersey Skirt, Long Length

Jersey Skirt, Long Length Ladies Flowing Jersey Skirt, Long Length Fitting. One of our bestsellers! Very flattering flared skirt with fully elasticated waistband. 6 panels. Hem with double needle stitching. Machine washable. 65% polyester, 35% viscose. 

    Price £23.00

    Softly Draping Flared Skirt

Draping Flared Skirt The Softly Draping Flared Skirt is a favourite look every season! When it’s comfortable too, thanks to a fully elasticated waist (with invisible flat elastic), it definitely gets the thumbs up! Panels flare out from below the peplum seam. 

    Price £27.00

    Expert Design Ladies Panelled Skirt, Standard Length

Design Ladies Panelled Skirt, Standard Length This skirt features an immaculate drape in a lovely two-way stretch fabric. 53% polyester, 44% wool, 3% elastane. A bodyshaping panel in stretch knit (81% polyester, 19% elastane) discreetly smooths and shapes your figure. 

    Price £45.00

    Full-Fitting Dress

    Full-Fitting Dress V-neckline and long button fastening down to the hipline. 2 pockets from the front longline seams. Slightly flared hem. 2 back waist darts. Length 44 to 451/4in. approx. (112 to 115cm) depending on size. 100% polyester crêpe. 

    Price £25.00

    Full-Fitting Dress

    Full-Fitting Dress Square neckline. Gathers from front panel. Straight long sleeves. Length 44 to 451/4in. approx. (112 to 115cm) depending on size. 100% polyester 

    Price £39.00

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  • Dorothy Perkins – 30% off shoes and boots

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    Dorothy Perkins are excited to announce their new online exclusive offer – up to 30% off on shoes and boots. This great offer is only live until Friday 3rd October!

    Offer details:
    Up to 30% off selected shoes and boots (online exclusive)
    Valid From: 30/09/2014
    Valid Until: 03/10/2014
    Ts&Cs: Discount applied at checkout.

    Burgundy Heeled Ankle Boots
    Was £39.00
    Now £31.20
    Colour: Burgundy



    Black Chelsea Ankle Boots
    Black Chelsea Ankle Boots
    Was £25.00
    Now £20.00
    Colour: Black

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  • Effortless Method for Getting Things Done: The Pomodoro Technique

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    I spent most of this weekend, unfortunately, working. And because I knew it’d be difficult to buckle down, I tried out a new work method that’s supposed to increase efficiency and concentration.

    And boy did it work. My usual problem is that, dreading a marathon work session, I delay diving into the work for as long as possible — to my own detriment, since this means I’ll start too late and then be overwhelmed by all I have left to do. But this new method allowed me to avoid that psychological pitfall, and just get going — no procrastination. It’s called the Pomodoro Technique, and all I needed was a free web application.

    According to Wikipedia (that ever trusty source), the Pomodoro Technique was invented by Italian Francesco Cirillo in the 1980s. Pomodoro is Italian for tomato, and the timepieces first used were shaped like little tomatoes. Anyway, the technique calls for timed 25-minute sessions of work followed by 5-minute breaks. Each work session is one pomodoro, or tomato. After you have three or so pomodoros under your belt, you take a longer 10- or 15-minute break.

    It sounds simple, and it is simple. But here’s why I think it worked for me. When I have a lot of work to do, the thought of embarking on such a big, time-consuming task fills me with dread. So I put off starting the work to avoid that dreaded feeling.

    But when you start on a “pomodoro,” you know there’s a set time period. You just need to work for 25 minutes, and you’ll get a break. That’s it. Because it’s not measured by task (like reading a 100-page article), but rather by time period, it’s less daunting. Regardless of the amount of work there is to do, your goal is to work for 25 minutes. And if you work for 25 minutes, you’re successful. You’ll eventually build up pomodoros and the work segments will end in real results, but that’s a happy by-product of the foremost goal of just working for a pomodoro’s length.

    There are a lot of Pomodoro Technique applications out there, but the best I found was a free website: It’s simple to use and keeps a list of your completed pomodoros. At the end of the day on Saturday, seeing all the pomodoros I accumulated made me feel productive and proud of myself — and I was able to get right to work on Sunday morning rather than putting it off for hours. Working all day on the weekend sucks, but working all night on the weekend after procrastinating during the day sucks even more.

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    For a lot of us, the things in this title never intersect. A commenter on a Linkin’ Around post, however, brought up the topic of Halloween costumes at work. Which, now that I’m thinking about it, could be really fun! (As long as you don’t work in a stuffy workplace like mine.)

    Some advice for pulling this off from around the web and some ideas, after the jump.

    When planning for the office, go with the costume that best expresses your wit rather than your… physical assets. There’s a time and a place for the latter, and it’s not 2pm in the office breakroom.

    So, here are my ideas:

    1. Combine two costumes for a fresh spin. Feel lame going as just another Elvis or Lucille Ball on the assembly line? What about zombie Elvis or Lucille Ball? Zombies are very cool right now (see: Zombieland) and you can just recycle an old costume by applying lots of greenish white face makeup. Voila!

    2. Go as the boss. If you do this non-offensively, you may be a contender for best costume. Tread carefully here, of course, and know your audience. But if your boss has a signature work uniform or there are other harmless ways to identify yourself as the head honcho, AND the boss has a good sense of humor, this could be a winner. Example: Work for a judge? Wear your own robe to work.

    3. Be a sailor, save money. This one’s sort of a cop out, but the philosophy is to use clothes you already own or will wear again because they’re trendy right now. Striped sailor shirts areeverywhere, like this one from L.L. Bean. Along the same lines, and even humorous for such a conspicuous lack of effort, is to wear leopard print and go as… a leopard.

    4. Characters from Cludo, or other franchises that everyone knows and loves. Everyone will feel especially warm towards you because you remind them of childhood. Cludo is easy to do because of the colour associations of all the characters. Wear a yellow sweater, bring a pipe and a candlestick, and go as Colonel Mustard. Easy on the weapons, however. I’d probably only take the candlestick and rope. The rest are too… weapon-like. Another option: Olive Oyl. Red shirt, black skirt, brown boots, ask around for Popeye; done.

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    Ivanka Trump is the newest celebrity to offer her own line of shoes. Jessica Simpson’s line has been wildly successful (people say they’re actually very comfortable), and now Ms. Simpson is rumoured to be worth £1 billion. So I can understand the desire to jump on THAT bandwagon.

    The truth is… I actually like Ivanka Trump’s shoes. Whereas Jessica Simpson’s shoes are trendier, more “going out”-style, Ivanka Trump’s work for the office.
    For example, the Annulio flats (£120) seem to me the perfect work flats. Slight heel, minimalist detailing, lightly pointed toe.
    The Indico pumps (£120) are the Annulios with a higher heel. Classic, again with a button detail on the heel.
    And the Gurdia pumps (£120) are so chic. Too high for all-day wear (at least for me), but I love these for a business dinner or dressier work event. Love them.

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  • Women Less Likely to Find Jobs through Contacts

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    According to a study, men use social connections — i.e., networking — to find jobs at a much higher rate than women.

    Looking at a dataset of 12,000 people, men with specialized work experience were 12 percent more likely to find a job through informal recruiting — social connections — than formal job channels.

    Women with specialized backgrounds, on the other hand, were no more likely to find jobs through informal recruiting than through formal channels.

    The author of the study suggests that this difference may explain some of the pay disparities for women, as high-wage, managerial jobs are often filled through an informal recruiting process — that seems to favour men.

    “Previously, researchers have argued that women face lower-wage payoffs than men with similar work experience because the women have fewer opportunities to develop job skills, But this study suggests that a lack of useful social connections may also be driving the gender wage gap.”

    The next step, is to figure out why women get fewer benefits from social connections.

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  • Lookfantastic – Free gifts | £15 off £100 and more

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    This week at lookfantastic they’re offering amazing free gifts with every £55 spend every day for the first week of October. Plus, save £15 when you spend £100 and take advantage of their great discount on bestselling beauty brand EX1.

    Free gifts when you spend £55 or more EVERY DAY THIS WEEK
    Wednesday 1st – Thursday 2nd Free Gatineau Anto-Ageing Essentials worth £68.50
    Friday 3rd Free Diva Professional Styling Mini Wand worth £29.99
    Saturday 4th Free Murad Plump & Glow Gift Set worth £45.56
    Sunday 5th REN Discovery Kit worth £33.00
    Monday 6th – Tuesday 7th Balance Me Skincare Gift worth £38.50

    £15 off when you spend £100
    Code: LF15OFF
    Expires 7/10/2014

    15% off EX1 when you buy 2 or more products from the range
    Code: EX15LF
    Expires 7/10/2014

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    So this post basically prompted me to spend money this weekend. On Saturday morning, I was thinking of what the Monday inspiration would be — and browsing through The Sartorialist, I found lovely photographs of women in shirt dresses. Shirtdresses are so autumnlike, I thought the style would be great inspiration. Then I went clothes shopping for the first time in ages and came across a shirtdress at Anthropologie, on sale! So I obviously had to purchase it.

    So now I have a great new dress to wear to work. I’ll replace a magenta sash with something more conservative, probably with either an extra thick or extra skinny black leather belt. The dress is gorgeous — it’s silky, with a full skirt with mini pleats.

    So, without further ado.

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    If you’ve been shortlisted for an interview, congratulations.  It’s always great to win an opportunity of an interview.

    Job interviews can vary from having to speak to one person, through to facing panels of up to nine people, as I’ve done.   Alternatively, you might be presented with a problem facing the company and asked questions to test how well you’d deal with it.   You must remain calm in order to present your talents at their optimum.  Here’s some help to stay calm in any interview.


    Whether you’re facing a job interview, or a few thousand at a conference, the principles of conquering nervousness are the same.

    Within my Public Speaking Success e-Program you’ll read that it’s almost all down to the preparation – of your material and of your self. You can’t possibly feel confident or calm if you’re neither competent nor informed.


    I will say that it’s totally appropriate to ask questions about the selection process you’ll face, including:

    * Who will interview you, how many, what are their roles?

    * How long will the interview take?

    * Is there a written component to the interview?

    * Is it task-based or more exploratory?


    Imagine that between now and your interview you think:

    I’m not good enough;

    I don’t really have the skills they want;

    I’ll be really, really nervous like I was last interview;

    Thinking those thoughts can make them a reality.

    When you do the following, you can realistically start to re-write the negative with the positives.

    1. Remind yourself that you’ve been selected for interview because you have what the employer seeks.

    2. Divide a sheet of paper in three. In the first column write the key selection criteria. In the middle write questions related to the skills, experience, qualifications and attributes sought. A great site to source some likely questions is Ask people who’ve applied for similar jobs for help. In the third write your answers.

    3. Strategies are applicable to your job interview, so use your answers as the script for your visualising success exercise.

    4. Enlist the aid of a friend or family member to let you practise a run-through of the interview questions and your answers.

    5. Ask for constructive feedback. Re-do the interview practice if necessary.

    Once you feel that you’re ready to answer questions clearly and concisely, you’ll automatically send that positive message to your subconscious mind. When you hear your calm and confident answers you can start to construct what we call your non-anxious reality for your subconscious mind.
    Remember to listen to that cool, calm and confident voice. That positive memory is a key to replacing your fears of failure with your visions of success.


    That voice, that calm person, is you. The unafraid you. S/he can automatically re-emerge in the interview once you’ve realised that your nervousness is a result of only one thing.

    Your thoughts.  Your thoughts of the last time you were nervous, even terrified. Just remembering, re-living the last time you were anxious and nervous brings back the symptoms of fear!

    To prepare for a great interview, remember the opposite. Remember your calm confidence at the practice interview.

    Every day before the interview visualise how relaxed and happy you’ll be in that interview. Send the first flutter of butterflies or nervousness away by this simple mental ‘trick’.

    1. Say.   STOP!

    2. Smile.

    3. Breathe in deeply through your nose. Feel the breath slowly go down to your belly. Breathe out.

    4. Think to yourself. “I’ll be wonderful”


    Most offices have hot water. Fill your glass with hot water, let it cool. Just two sips of warm water before your interview will instantly dispel all nervousness. It’s magic. Sip warm water throughout your interview to re-inforce your calm. As always, to your continued happiness and success.

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    I love this. Google noticed that its employees’ productivity was tied to how well their managers were rated — managers who received good reviews had more productive employees. Makes sense. Google, ever the data hound, set out to collect data on qualities successful managers have in the hopes that they could help less successful managers replicate the behaviours.

    This project has been dubbed Project Oxygen — and the results show that interpersonal skills are much more highly prized in managers than technical skills.

    What are the top 8 behaviours that a good manager engages in?

    Be a good coach. Provide targeted feedback, identifying both positive and negative qualities in employees. Have regular one-on-one meetings.
    Empower your team and don’t micromanage. Give freedom to employees in carrying out tasks, but make yourself available for advice.
    Express interest in team members’ success and personal well-being. Get to know employees as people with lives outside of work.
    Be productive and results-oriented. Help the team prioritize work and use seniority to minimize roadblocks. Don’t be afraid to step in and give direction when needed.
    Be a good communicator and listen to your team. Encourage open dialogue and listen to the concerns of your employees.
    Help your employees with career development.
    Have a clear vision and strategy for the team. Don’t lose sight of the goal. Involve your team in setting goals and identifying the group’s vision.
    Have key technical skills so you can help advise the team. Roll up your sleeves when needed. Understand what goes into the tasks that your team works on.
    What do you think makes a great boss or manager?

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