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    Blogger Lookbook: Shannon of The Modern Grad

    Shannon blogs at The Modern Grad about life after school — she provides great insights into the current job market and work options for recent grads, chronicles her own job search, and shares fun doses of art and style. Here, she presents her ideal work outfit, inspired by her former internship at the International Interior Design Assocation.

    Job Description

    Summer 2010, I had the opportunity to intern at International Interior Design Associationheadquarters in Chicago. The vivacious atmosphere made this internship far from ordinary. The women in the office always had fun with their business attire. They were not afraid to add color and an extra inch to their heels (but we always remembered our ballet flats and rain boots for the commute home). If I were to step into the office tomorrow, here’s what I would wear…

    If you’re curious, here’s a photo of IIDA’s headquarters.

    Why I Chose These Pieces

    Limited Bow-front Shirt ($28 on sale). The brighter the better! The bow-front style works perfectly with the 60′s inspired skirt.

    [Emma’s note: My amateur Photoshop skills couldn’t merge this image and the skirt in one picture, so I cheated and added this shirt as a stand-in. It’s a bit more expensive…]

    Banana Republic Mad Men Skirt ($110). IIDA introduced me to Mad Men. We used to watch it during out lunch breaks in the boardroom. So when I first laid eyes on the Mad Men collection by Banana Republic, it really made me miss IIDA.

    Coach Organizer ($198). I finally have one of my own and I absolutely love it. For now, I carry my resumes in it for interviews. This would have been perfect for taking notes during meetings.

    Urban Outfitters Earrings ($14). I like how simple they are. I have a tendency to play with my earrings when I’m nervous. These leave an impression, but not a distraction.

    Aldo Pumps ($80). I’m a very petite girl, so I’m not afraid to add some height. Although, being the size I am, some pumps look way to bulky when I wear them. These give the perfect balance, I gain height with sophistication.

    I’m currently looking for a writing gig in museums, art galleries, and studios. In those types of industries, it’s important to let your personality shine through what you’re wearing. Because of IIDA’s modern sense of fashion at work, I always keep IIDA in mind when dressing for the job.

    Thanks Shannon!

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    Blogger Lookbook: Monica of Our Designed Life

    Monica blogs about design and style at Our Designed Life. I love her finds and style picks — particularly the amazing art she unearths from Etsy. Here she presents an outfit that transitions from working at home to meetings with clients.

    Job Description

    I like to think of myself as a do it all designer. I have a background in interior design, creating spaces for high end residential interiors, commercial art galleries, trade show exhibits and have even served as set designer for indie films. I also work with clients on a smaller scale creating customized design guides, a do it yourself style booklet filled with ideas on creating a new look on tight budgets, though there are talks of me designing a bathroom renovation in a downtown skyscraper. Aside from designing spaces, I’ve also been known to dabble in graphic design creating logos and marketing materials to fit each client’s needs. Being a flexible designer has been wonderful and has given me the ability to truly embrace my creative side through different mediums. When I am not working on a design project, I also am in charge of running a vegetarian household, maintaining the blog Our Designed Life and am responsible for keeping this dog of mine entertained. Sometimes a full time job in itself.

    Why I Chose These Pieces

    Since I work from home, my clothing needs to be comfortable enough for running errands but still transition to the occasional networking event or client meeting. Since moving, I have discovered the joys of layering pieces, not only for a more interesting look but to keep warm when the pesky fog rolls in. I’ve also learned flats are a girl’s best friend when it comes to tackling some of the hills around here. When selecting new finds, each piece needs to blend well with other items in my closet and also fit within a realistic budget. However, throw in a vintage piece and I am one happy camper! The outfit I chose today is a little casual with a comfortable jean and basic stripped tee, but add in a few layers of jewelry and a blazer style coat and its ready for a fun night out.

    Alloy Shoes ($43). With a faux leather finish, these shoes are the perfect girly accessory to spruce up any old pair of jeans.

    Levi’s Jeans ($118). I just love the relaxed fit of these and the straight ankle is perfect to show off a flashy pair of heels or in my case, adorable flats.

    Anthropologie Tee ($68). You really can’t go wrong with a basic stripped tee, you can dress it up or down and grey is just so versatile.

    Urban Outfitters Lace Blouse ($59, not pictured). To give the look a little more color and fun, I would add a contrasting hue like this raspberry lace blouse.

    J.Crew Jacket ($198). If there is one color I am really into these days it’s mustard yellow. And I know I’m not the only one. There is something about this color and style of jacket that just makes me feel fancy.

    ASOS Satchel ($60). Made from polyurethane but with a look like leather, this Pieces Dertan small flap satchel is perfect for day or night. I find the best bags for me these days must have a long adjustable strap.

    And because no outfit is done without a few layers of necklaces, here are three I would love to mix together. I am a big fan of combining gold and silver, and well that squirrel, he’s to bring in the fun. All from Etsy: Gold Spotlight Necklace ($30), Turquoise Pendant Necklace ($22, not pictured), and Squirrel Silhouette Necklace ($43, not pictured).

    Thanks Monica!

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    I’m happy to present the first post in a new series where I ask super stylish bloggers to put together dream work looks — and explain why these pieces make sense for them.

    I asked Paloma to inaugurate this series because I love the classic style that oozes through her blog, Paper Garland. I’m so excited she said yes! Here’s the scoop on her ideal outfit, in her own words.

    Job Description

    I work in Regulatory Affairs for a major healthcare company. I am a part of the team that handles international government affairs within the department, and this basically means that I work with international colleagues to ensure that our products comply with their countries’ ever-changing government regulations, and to assist them with the registration process. On any given day I could be drafting documents, answering government questions on a particular product, or handling administrative tasks. My responsibilities change daily!

    Why I Chose These Pieces

    Our workplace is classified as “business casual,” which I know means something different from office to office! In my office, it really means that for a woman, a collared shirt is a bit too formal and a tank top is too informal. Most of us wear a combination of slacks, daytime blouses, and flats to work daily and the occasional dress or pencil skirt will sneak in from time to time.

    I chose these lovely pieces because I think they represent the chicest, most stylish take on business casual that would be appropriate in my own office. I would describe my personal style as “trendy meets tomboy” and I think this outfit captures me perfectly! Although most of workday is spent working from my desk, I do have a couple of meetings each week with other departments within the company. This look is polished enough for meetings but still casual, and on trend too!

    Tory Burch Pumps ($275). Tory Burch makes some of the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever worn, and I’m sure this adorable pump would be no exception. I love the retro feel of the chunky heel paired with Tory’s modern monogram. Cognac leather is my favorite because it can help tone down an outfit that might feel too dressy.

    Kate Spade Tote ($475). Every girl needs a classic black tote – for work and beyond! This Kate Spade version is clean and simple, with just the right amount of detail. Bonus: black leather and buckles will never go out of style. Promise.

    Pleated Olive Capris ($40). I have a mild obsession with high-waisted paints these days. These pleated olive capris are not only in my all-time favorite clothing color, olive green, but the hip detail would look great with a black belt and paired with a flowy blouse!

    Tiny Pearl Necklace ($46). I wear this necklace to the office almost everyday. A full strand of pearls would definitely be too formal for my workplace, and I think this Dogeared charm strikes the perfect balance between elegant and trendy.

    Pussybow Short Sleeve Blouse ($31). My favorite work outfits are those that mix traditionally feminine elements with menswear inspired pieces. I would love to wear this oversized-bow blouse with high-waisted capris, a blazer, or even suspenders to balance it out.

    Thanks Paloma!

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    In 2002, Heather Armstrong of was fired because of her blog. An anonymous tipster emailed the VPs at her company and told them she was saying unsavory things. While Heather later became a full-time blogger and reportedly makes $40k a month in advertising revenue, your game plan should probably be to avoid getting fired in the first place.

    So, how do you make sure you’re  playing it safe, while still giving yourself the freedom to be creative online? Follow our tips for maintaining a blog without getting the axe.
    Blogging has its perils. You could be rightfully fired for giving your boss a verbal lashing in every post, or you could be fired seemingly for no reason at all. There’s no one-size-fits-all answer to the dos and don’ts of blogging (each employer is different, after all), but these guidelines should keep you on the safe side of things.

    1. Be anonymous. Blogging anonymously is, without a doubt, the safest way to avoid getting fired. They can’t fire you if they don’t know about it! Use a pseudonym to draw your employers farther from your trail.

    But blogging anonymously can have its difficulties. Don’t blog from work, because your employer could trace your IP address. And you’d probably be violating company policy by using your computer for non-work-related activity. Create a new email address to be used for all blog-related registrations and correspondence (don’t use your real name when obtaining the email address!), because often social networking and blogging sites allow people to find you by email address. And of course, to maintain anonymity — don’t reveal identifying information!

    If you’re really worried about being “outted” — after all, people are savvy searchers these days — try a service like You’ll have to pay, but they guarantee that you won’t be traced.

    You can still share your blog with friends if you choose to be anonymous. Just make sure you trust them not to tattle to your boss, and ask that they not reveal information about you or them when commenting. If you want to create a blog only for your friends to see, then take advantage of some blogging platforms’ password protection features (like Blogspot).

    2. Keep your content in the safe zone. If you choose not to blog anonymously because you think your employer’s cool and hip and would want you to live and blog freely, still be careful. This should go without saying, but do not badmouth your colleagues or the company you work for. No matter how “cool” your boss is, that’s not going to fly.

    You’re better off blogging about a personal interest that’s separate from your work life. Few bosses could object to a blog about photographing flowers. But watch out here too — don’t include objectionable content on your blog, even if it has nothing to do with work. Don’t post pictures of yourself in skimpy clothing, or regularly talk about the after-work drinking binges you go on. Maybe lots of people go on benders after work — but not everyone blogs about it. That’s firing territory; companies have clients and a public image to worry about, and as an employee you represent the company.

    3. If you do get fired (heaven forbid), check out your local employment laws. They may offer you some relief. California, for example, prohibits employers from regulating their employees’ political activities and affiliations, or influencing employees’ political activities by threatening to fire them. North Dakota, New York, Colorado, and Montana also have speech-related employment protections. Organizing a union through your blog is protected by federal law.

    Note that there’s generally no legal protection for saying stupid or unredeemably offensive things (unless you work for the government, then a little thing called the First Amendment gets triggered). Proceed at your own risk.

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  • Being There When Your Friend Is Laid Off

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    Ed.: We’re delighted to have Rachel Messenger guest post for us on how she’s learned not to give advice when a loved one is laid off.

    My best friend is one of the smartest, most hilarious, most incredible people I know. She lived in Morocco for several years, working with the Peace Corps to educate women in a country where that sort of thing is still just catching on. She is able to communicate in three languages, all of which are of current and intense political import (English, Spanish, and Arabic). She earned her Master of Public Policy so that she can work in a field where she feels she is directly contributing to the good of mankind, a field in which she has worked, now, for several years.
    Somehow, this amazing women was laid off a few weeks ago. And I am the one at a loss.

    Many of us are in this boat; we feel the sting of the recession not because we’re directly impacted, but because someone for whom we care is affected. Maybe it was your husband. Maybe your friend. Or perhaps the guy from accounting who always cracked jokes for you in the breakroom. Either way, the inclination for many of us is to start helping, which is where we have the chance to handle things poorly, or handle things well. There are plenty of lists and advice columns online on how to deal with this delicate balance; some, like this Forbes article from February of 2010, discusses exactly what not to say, as even innocent suggestions might backfire on you. I wish I had seen this article before my friend was laid off because, were that the case, I would not be in a position to rattle off a quick listing of the well-intentioned gaffes I have made with her. As my best friend wryly reminds me, the road to hell is paved with good intentions. My road, apparently, is paved with emails about career advice.

    Thus, gauche maneuver number one. My best friend is smart. Freakishly smart. She possesses advanced degrees, and is clearly intelligent enough to navigate through a world that, some believe, grows increasingly more hostile and dangerous. So what I was thinking when I sent her a few emails on interesting jobs or career websites, I don’t know. It’s not that she isn’t gracious and appreciative, but this is her default response, because she is a decent human being. She’s the kind of person who would be gracious and appreciative even in the most dire of circumstances, so long as she believed the person ruining her life was well-meaning. That said, sending unsolicited advice, of any kind, sends with it an implicit message: that the recipient somehow needs your help, guidance, and sage-like advice. Forget the millions of articles outlining why advice-giving simply doesn’t work; all you need do is remember how you felt the last time someone gave you a helpful little piece of advice, especially when it was not directly sought out. Sadly, this includes sending emails on humorous sites, like Stuff Unemployed People Like. Again, even if your friend (former coworker, spouse, whomever) has the intestinal fortitude to laugh at their own situation, it can send a message above and beyond the just-wanted-to-make-you-smile message you think you’re communicating. At best, you may seem callous, insensitive. Or, you could be seen as malicious, cruel. I have learned that my advice, information, and sense of humor about the situation, while (undoubtedly) wise and well-intentioned, is better reserved for when I am actually asked. Even if that moment never comes.

    I need to beware, too, of restating the obvious. Said best friend was in the process of moving to her Washington, DC home a few years back, and was asking around for advice on neighborhoods, farmers markets, etc. An acquaintance of hers, when asked which neighborhoods in DC are nice, said, “well, have you ever head of Craigslist?” This is the same as with people who are currently job hunting after having been laid off; my best friend works in the non-profit sector, and has had people recently suggest she try seeking out niche non-profit websites, such as This, for someone who has worked in the non-profit sector for several years, is like suggesting to a hungry person that she eat. Unless my suggestion is for an incredibly specific job post, or I have contact information that could genuinely move the job hunting process along, it’s best for me to lay off forwarding information. Again, there’s an implication that I know better than she what to do, and she’s probably heard it already. From me, her mom, and 75,829 of her other well-meaning friends, acquaintances, family, and former coworkers.

    I am not suggesting that you lay low until unemployment blows over, waiting patiently until the awkwardness you perceive has passed. What I am saying is that, unless it’s a truly groundbreaking job lead, my unemployed friends don’t need my help. What they need is their friend. Someone to listen, without judgment, without advice dispensing. Someone with whom to hit up happy hour and be silly. My plan is to let go of trying to fix things (which I really, really like to do) and follow her lead. In fact, she has an interview coming up on Tuesday, and she asked me, based on my background in HR management, if a summer suit would be appropriate. I, in true Socratic method, keeping in mind that advice-giving rarely goes the way you think it will, simply asked a question back: Well, what do you think?

    Also, it never hurts to pray for the intercession of St. Cajetan, the patron saint of gainful employment and job seekers.

    If you have any thoughts on the subject – or, have any well-meaning-advice-gone-wrong stories to share – we’d love to hear them!

    Rachel Messenger is a Personal Development Coach at Blank Canvas Coaching, a Phoenix-based coaching company that creates future-focused methods and tools with the aim of helping clients achieve goals.

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  • Befriending Your Boss: A Do or a Don’t?

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    A guest post on becoming buddies with the boss, from career writer Joseph Gustav.

    So your boss invited you out for drinks. Or you’re having an office get-together and are thinking about inviting your supervisor. Should you befriend your boss, or keep things strictly professional? It’s a potentially slippery slope to navigate, but if approached maturely can make work a more fun and productive place than before.

    There’s absolutely nothing wrong with being friends with your boss as long as you two can keep things professional. If you can keep business issues separated from personal ones you are golden. That means do not take any work-related feedback or criticisms personally; instead, use them to do your job better. That’s what they’re for anyways. One advantage of befriending your boss is that it opens better lines of communication so that if you have a concern to voice, he or she will be receptive to listening and take your ideas to heart. Having that trust as friends translates to the workplace.

    That said, do not befriend your boss just purely on the hopes of a promotion or to get on his or her good side. Your boss wants to be treated as a person, not just an authority figure, and people have a way of figuring out when someone is trying to use them. So interact with your boss as friend. Ask about the little things, like their kids, and remember when important dates or events are coming up, like their child’s big piano recital. If you have hobbies in common talk about those, and if you feel so inclined go out and do something together outside of work. Engage on a personal level rather than on one that seems forced and has ulterior motives.

    However, don’t let your friendship get in the way of work. You’ve got a job to do, and you’ve got to look out for yourself regarding your employment. Sometimes, you have to be wary about these kinds of relationships. My girlfriend took a job as a waitress and her boss befriended the both of us, giving us free food, taking her and another co-worker to a baseball game, and offering me work for special events. The relationship never soured, but after her seasonal position ended he took the money and ran. To this day she, the co-worker who went to the baseball game, and I have not been paid for several weeks our work. Just as you may be using your boss to get on their good side, your boss may be gaining your trust to take advantage of you. Be careful, be mature, be nice, and use your best judgment to evaluate whether things should stay purely professional or can move into the social realm.

    Joseph Gustav writes for the up-and-coming career blog, Pounding the Pavement. In his free time, Mr. Gustav also tackles topics related to call center management for Guide to Career Education.

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    Wow, I’m stuffed. If you celebrate it, I hope you had a Merry Christmas! Now that the big day has come and gone, retailers are really dropping their prices. So, if you have any money left over, or if returns will free up some spending power, here are the best deals I found. Expiring soon!
    Department Stores
    Colorblock cashmere scarf from Bloomingdale’s. Originally $98, now $54.
    Macy’s — Get an extra 10-15% off sitewide plus free shipping on orders $99 and above through 12/29. Coupon code: HOLIDAY.
    Bloomingdale’s — Get an extra 30-50% off many sale items plus free shipping on orders $300 and above through 1/2. No code required.
    J.Crew Maybelle Jacket. Originally $158. Now $30 with discount. — Extra 25% off sale items through 1/2. Coupon code: EXTRA25.
    J.Crew — Extra 30% off sale through 1/2. Coupon code: SHOPNOW.
    Cole Haan Hana Air Mid Pump, originally $298, on sale for $92
    Endless — Get an extra 25% off the sale price on tons of shoes.
    6pm — Women’s boot clearance, up to 80% off. Great deals on Cole Haan Air also.
    Other Deals
    3-piece freshwater pearls set. Originally $119, now $59.
    Amazon — A whole section of “Year-End Deals” at up to 70% off, in every category.
    Target — Up to 65% off after holiday clearance. Check out these work-ready peep toe wedges for under $13.
    Container Store — The annual 30% off Elfa storage sale is underway.
    I’m actually taking an extra day off work because my flight back was canceled. Snow day! Safe travels to everyone in these next few days.

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    Matte jersey is such an easy fabric. It has a bit of stretch so it fits well, it’s comfortable, it doesn’t wrinkle, and it’s machine washable. This dress, in a patterned black matte jersey and a work-appropriate and flattering shape, is too good to pass up.

    And the rest of the pieces are just as sophisticated. Touches of camel to lighten up the look for the summer, along with black leather heels featuring a classic sandal weave.

    What to Wear to Work: Breezy in Black Matte Jersey
    1. Adara square box print dress by Lauren by Ralph Lauren, $134 at Bloomingdale’s.

    2. Long chain and disc drops, $28 at Topshop.

    3. Mid city tote by Foley + Corinna, $444 at

    4. Yashi Huarache sandals by Boutique 9, $65 (sale) at Shopbop.

    5. Classic marquirse silver watch by Steinhausen, $215 at

    6. Cat’s eye sunglasses by Ralph, $89 at Nordstrom.

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    When I saw this DVF dress on Shopbop, I just had to build an outfit around it. It’s a perfect work dress — classic lines, sleek, conservative in length, but daring in color. It will also easily transition from summer to fall (picture it with a brown tweed blazer and boots).

    I’m loving these accessories too. And you won’t believe how much this watch costs!


    What to Wear to Work: Loving this magenta DVF dress


    1. DVF Marchona dress, $325 at Shopbop.

    2. Coral scarf by Echo Design, $28 at

    3. Ruched shopper by Sondra Roberts, $84 at

    4. Ares platform heels in chocolate, $175 (sale) at

    5. Mixed Metal Lady Watch, $28 at Urban Outfitters.

    6. Pyramid stud earrings, $19.50 at Banana Republic.

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    This weekend, my fiance and I were driving back in a rental car from a visit to a friend’s house in the country. We were crossing a highway on a green light during a food detour, and out of nowhere, a car slammed into us. The other driver ran a red light, going 50 or 60 miles per hour. Our front and side airbags inflated and we spun around on the highway. It was very, very scary, but we were all — my fiance and I and the other driver and his passenger — okay.

    A few observations:

    1. No matter how careful a driver you are, you have no control over how responsible over drivers choose to be.

    2. The Nissan Cube, although not the most attractive vehicle, is very solid! Thanks, Enterprise.

    3. Airbags can give you very painful scrapes when they inflate similar to rug burn, but a lot worse.

    Anyway, I know this is off-topic, and I know that you know to wear your seatbelt. But, if you ever needed anecdotal evidence that wearing a seatbelt is very important, here’s my anecdote. It’s a good thing we were wearing our seatbelts.

    An on-topic post is on its way — I’ll share my tips for dressing up a cubicle tomorrow!

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