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    I’m a chemist makeup gal. I’ve bought department store brands in the past (usually because highly skilled salespeople convinced me I had to have the product), but I’m not convinced the pricier brands are worth the money.

    Drew Barrymore is also my favourite makeup spokeswoman.

    On the other hand, I’m a complete gadget fiend. I love my Clarisonic and my epilator. So if the Temptu system really works as well as it says, I’d be tempted to pay the £200+ price.

    I’m putting together a post on my favourite chemist products, but in the meantime, how much do you spend on makeup? What’s your routine? Do you wear it to work every day?

    I am celebrating a friend’s success this weekend and plan to visit the enchanting new flowers website to check for Florist discount Codes and sales before I order!

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  • Scarf Them Up: Scarf Round Up

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    We talked about how to wear them, now here’s how to buy them. I’ve rounded up 10 great scarf options, with prices low to high.

    Channel your inner French woman. Rock a scarf.

    1. Tennis scarf, £39 at Talbots.

    2. Silk scarf in black with fuschia chain and pearls, £80 at Aspinal of London.

    3. Ornate ombrè scarf, £54 at Talbots.

    4. Carriage chain link silk scarf, £80 at Aspinal of London.

    5. Très Kelly vintage silk twill scarf, £305 at Hermès.

    6. Small vintage chainlink silk scarf, £75 at Aspinal of London.

    7. Jewellery print scarf, £54 at Talbots.

    8. Silk scarf in pink with fuschia chains and pearls, £80 at Aspinal of London.

    9. Silk scarf with pink geometric design, £80 at Aspinal of London.

    10. La Légende du Poisson Corail silk twill scarf, £375 at Hermès.

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    I’ve always admired the satchel style of handbag, and the classic lines and structure make satchels great bags to wear to the office. Lucky for me, satchels are everywhere these days. I love the gold hardware on these latest versions I’ve rounded up.

    Bonus: Did anyone recognize the Real Housewives reference in this post’s title?

    Satchels of Gold
    My birthday’s coming up, and I just may treat myself to one of these bags. I think my favorite is the one from J.Crew — I prefer simple things, and the no-nonsense style of the bag appeals to me.

    1. Small pushlock satchel, £90 at Topshop.

    2. Turnlock tote by Urban Expressions, £60 at DSW.

    3. Large satchel with oxford detail, £248 at Ann Taylor.

    4. Architectural reptile satchel by Deena & Ozzy, £68 at Urban Outfitters.

    5. Glazed leather Holland satchel, £465 at Tory Burch.

    6. Brompton purse, £278 at J.Crew.

    7. Vintage re-issue lock satchel, £238 at Fossil.

    8. Dayton leather messenger satchel by Tory Burch, £550 at Nordstrom.

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  • Let’s Talk Nails

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    I don’t fuss much with nail polish. I never seem to have the time or inclination to get manicures, and I get frustrated that once I do my nails myself, they’ll chip or grow out within a week. Yes, maybe I’m just too lazy.

    I also find easier to just have clean, short nails for work. I gotta say, though, lately I’m into the new fall neutral nails trend. The beiges, greiges, greys, plums, slates, nudes.

    Lets Talk Nails

    So here’s what I’ve been coveting. I dig these looks and colours, but I’m also at a loss: Where’s the line for appropriate work nail polish colours? Are any okay? Just classic colours like red and nude, or can we go bolder with dark reds or the new neutrals?

    I really love the Chanel “Khaki Vert,” but I’m thinking that’s a no-go for work. What’s your usual rule for wearing nail polish to work? What colors would you never wear?

    And in other news, I had a great birthday weekend. Apparently, having a blog really helps with the birthday presents — my boyfriend got me a Kate Spade bag that was on my wishlist at lanalou style. I love it!

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  • App for Foolproof Sunglass Shopping

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    Love to shop but can’t always find time to spare in pursuit of that perfect new pair of sunglasses?

    Fear not! I recently discovered that iPhone 4 has a new app that uses augmented reality to allow you to try on different styles of sunglasses without ever stepping into a store.

    I have spent many months shopping for a pair of sunglasses that suited my face. I wish I had known about this app before spending countless hours perusing the shelves of every Sunglasses shop in the area!

    Using eBay’s Fashion App in conjunction with the iPhone 4, you can utilize the front facing camera to interactively try on different styles of sunglasses. I must say, I was skeptical at first. I wondered if it would simply be a flat image with what looked like the equivalent of a paperdoll image with cut out glasses pasted on top of my face. On the contrary, the augmented reality allows you to move and you can see the glasses from different angles. Perfect for those of us who are too busy to go from store to store.

    I’m always in favor of new and easy ways to shop. Have you tried it? What did you think?

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