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    In running this blog, I’ve come across a number of workwear retailers that I had no idea existed. For example: the store Boden, and the Halogen brand at Nordstrom. Both are great sources for work clothes, neither of which I knew about before I started this blog.

    Sometimes, you have a perfect piece in mind that you want — like a navy sheath dress or a cardigan in a specific shade of gray — and it’s good to have a list like this of places you can search. So, I decided to compile all the career fashion sources in one list. I also included representative pricing, for quick reference.

    Let me know anything I’m missing in the comments, and I’ll add it in. Keep in mind that I don’t have super expensive labels in here, because I don’t think that would be as useful.

    Independent Online Shops

    AK Anne Klein (also at Macy’s). Price of a sheath dress: £120-130.
    Anne Klein New York. Price of a sheath dress: £150-200 (with a few as high as £400).
    Ann Taylor. Price of a pencil skirt: £90-100.
    Banana Republic. Price of a cardigan: £60-80.
    Boden. Price of a cardigan: £80-90.
    Brooks Brothers. Price of a cardigan: £130-150.
    J.Crew. Price of a sheath dress: £160-180.
    Lauren by Ralph Lauren (also at Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s). Price of a cardigan: £110-140.
    New York & Company. Price of a cardigan: £40-50.
    Loft. Price of a pair of pants: £60-80.
    Spiegel. Price of a pair of pants: £60-70.
    Talbots. Price of a pencil skirt: £100.
    The Limited. Price of a sheath dress: Price of a pencil skirt: £60-80.
    Tory Burch (also at Bloomingdale’s). Price of a shirtdress: £300-400.

    Labels at Online Retailers

    Antonio Melani at Dillards. Price of a pencil skirt: £90-120.
    Classiques Entier at Nordstrom. Price of a pair of pants: £100-170.
    Halogen at Nordstrom. Price of a pair of pants: £80.
    Liz Claiborne at JCPenney. Price of a sheath dress: £60-70.
    Merona at Target. Price of a cardigan: £20.
    Pippa at Bloomingdale’s. Price of a sheath dress: £150-200.
    Tahari by ASL at Dillards. Price of a 2-piece suit: £120-180.

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  • What Kyra Sedgwick in The Closer Can Teach Us About Workplace Attire

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    Normally on Thursdays I post a workplace outfit idea with some high-end and low-end pieces. Today, however, I’m dedicating this style post to Kyra Sedgwick’s character in The Closer in honor of the new season.

    No one could deny that Sedgwick’s character, Deputy Chief Brenda Leigh Johnson of the LAPD, makes some bold wardrobe choices. But we can all learn a thing or two from this tough cookie’s style.

    1. A classic trench coat is everyone’s friend.

    Regardless of your occupation — be it lawyer, HR consultant, caterer, or bit player of private investigators in movies — a trench coat will serve you well. They defy limitation to a particular season, gender, age, weather condition, or formality level; basically, a solid trench coat is suitable for any purpose, any time of year (supported by warm layers underneath in the winter, of course).

    2. A well-tailored jacket broadcasts your authority and competence.

    It’s hard not to take a woman in a perfectly fitting navy blazer seriously. The show’s stylist, Greg LaVoi, said he had this vintage jacket tailored to fit Kyra Sedgwick like a glove. An ill-fitting jacket is distracting, but one that fits the way it should tells everybody who’s in charge (or, at least, who knows how to dress).

    3. A retro sweater twinset is part of the modern woman’s wardrobe.

    That favorite of 1950s housewives, a twinset consisting of a cardigan and shell, works for today’s working women. It’s a great alternative to a suit jacket when paired with a nice pencil skirt or pair of trousers. Getting one in a modern color like dove gray ups the “now” factor.

    4. Don’t be afraid of femininity.

    In most situations in this modern day and age, women don’t have to rebut notions that being female means a lack of competence, confidence, authority, or skill. Women can embrace their femininity without fear that doing so will undermine their efforts. So, wear a flouncy dress and a pink cardigan if it makes you happy. Brenda Leigh Johnson sure would.

    5. Play with colour.

    Okay, maybe not necessarily these colours, together, but the point is a valid one. Brenda’s no wallflower, and neither must you be. Go ahead and wear the oranges, purples, blues, yellows, and greens that you deviously used to finger paint the hallway as a child.

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  • What to Wear to Work: Rainy Day Edition

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    Being in a bit of a sombre mood today, my thoughts are turning dark. Somehow, I started with this Alice + Olivia dress that I adore (and included in my wishlist on lanalou style) and ended up with a rainy day look.


    Hope you get some joy out of it! And happy Friday!

    What to Wear to Work: Rainy Day Edition

    1. Luna ball studs, £25 at Banana Republic.

    2. Victoria ruffled pencil dress by Alice + Olivia, £264 at Bloomingdale’s.

    3. Totes bubble umbrella, £17 at Target.

    4. Plaid scarf, £8 (sale) at Tilly’s.

    5. Flannery ballet flats, £198 at J.Crew.

    6. Magic jacket, £114 (sale) at French Connection.

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    I’ve been obsessed with this Alice + Olivia dress for awhile now. And the other day I was shopping in the city, when behold! The dress, in the flesh. Unfortunately, not in my size (appears to be a popular dress, only 0s were left). But there were other fabulous items and the labels all said “Alice + Olivia at work.” Could this be? A new career line?

    I get really excited over unexpected things like this. They did have another dress that seemed great for the workplace, which I tried on. And it was pretty fantastic. I had to go up from my normal size so that it wasn’t too tight (conservative workplace, not nightclub), but once I did it fit great. The fabric is thick and stretchy, so although the dress is form-fitting it’s very forgiving. The dress also has a fabulous silhouette, and I love the longer sleeves and boat-neck. Would look great with a scarf!

    From the press release:

    The collection is classic and chic, with a youthful sensibility that is perfect for everyone from a young girl going on her first interview to someone in their 20’s and 30’s climbing the corporate ladder. All the dresses, pencil skirts, blazers, blouses and pants have special details that set them apart from traditional suiting. Whether it is a peplum detail on a dress or skirt or unique pleating or draping on a blouse, the career collection is fun and flirty while still being perfectly suited for any career girl.

    Some of the looks might be too sexy for work (especially with their styling), but I love the silhouettes!

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